St Benedict’s Church Group Booking Form 2023 (David’s test version)


    St Benedict’s Church is available for hire by groups during the day and evenings, subject to availability which you can check on our Diary Page.

    Groups and individuals that hire our building should respect the ethos and integrity of the Christian faith it represents, both in how the space is used and in adverts promoting events.

    Your activity should be finished by 10pm to avoid disturbing our neighbours. For the same reason, we cannot accommodate events which involve amplified recorded music or loud drumming. This does not automatically exclude the use of backing tracks in live performances. If in doubt, please discuss with Liz Pearson on 07967 046672 or at and include details below in the Comments and/or Questions section.

    The churchwardens reserve the right to refuse any booking.

    Please read the Terms and Conditions of Hire to which you must indicate agreement when completing this form.

    Capacity and Equipment

    The church can supply 100 chairs plus additional seating for about 30 people on pews. Capacity is affected by the type of event and style of layout - we are happy to advise. It helps us if chairs are returned to their original positions after use as shown in the Putting Away Chairs info sheet at this link and also displayed on the inside of the light switch cupboard door.

    The piano is available but only with prior agreement. A fee may be applied.

    There is a drop-down screen and projector and microphones. Please discuss any technical requirements when you make a booking.


    The temperature in the church is maintained at 15C during colder months (October to April). Depending on the activity you may require additional heating - most people are likely to find 15C too cold unless moving around. You may want to discuss your heating requirements when you make a booking. Charges for heating above 15C are applicable: see the table of charges below.

    Name of Group:

    Approx no. attending:

    Main Booking Contact:

    Contact details

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    Person responsible
    for event:

    Contact details

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    Planned activity:
    (include rehearsal details if applicable)

    Event Date(s)
    and time(s)
    (incl setup
    and clearing)

    For repeat or regular bookings please put a list of dates and times in the space above. It will scroll to allow a long list; you do not need to complete a separate form for each date.

    Heating above 15C

      October to April only. Charged as per the table below.

    Comments and/or

    Table of charges

    Monday -
    Friday Afternoon

    Friday Evening -
    Sunday + Bank Hols


    not for profit events,
    community groups

    £15 per hour
    Minimum 1 hour

    £20 per hour

    £15 per hour

    organisations and
    commercial events

    £20 per hour
    Minimum 2 hours

    £25 per hour
    Minimum 2 hours

    £15 per hour

    Heating above 15C, October to April Inclusive

    If selected above. £5 per hour; minimum charge £10.


    Payment should be made in advance of the event by cash, card or Bank transfer (preferred). Card payments can only be taken in person, by arrangement. Invoices and receipts can be issued on request.



    Note: a typed name in place of a signature here is acceptable.

    Please allow us several days to respond fully to your booking request.

    After submitting the form you should get a message below indicating success. If, after a few minutes, you have not received a copy of the completed form in an email (sent to the address of main booking contact) please check your Spam folder. If it's not there you can email to ask for confirmation of receipt and we'll respond as soon as we can. Include the Group Name or your name in the email.